Submission and validation process

Last updated: 09-09-2020

Usual steps of a deposit process


  1. A submitter creates a deposit and submit it. 📧
  2. A moderator reviews it, and possibly asks for changes, specifying what must be adapted. The moderator can also directly adapt the deposit. 📧
  3. If changes are requested, the submitter adapts the deposit and submits it again. 📧
  4. A moderator validates the deposit. 📧
  5. The publication becomes visible in the public interface.

📧 = Notifications

  • In the above mentioned steps, notifications are sent by e-mail.
  • For each deposit awaiting validation, the organisation's moderators and administrators are notified.
  • The submitter is notified when changes are required and when the deposit is validated.

Deposit status

4 status exist

  • in progress
  • to validate
  • ask for changes
  • validated

In the system, a "deposit" is a type of resource. When it is validated, the system creates another resource of type "document", which is visible in the public interface.