Add a submitter

Last updated: 28-02-2022

1. Check if the person has already an account

In the administration, click on "Users" and look for the person to add as a submitter. It is possible that this person already created an account on the public interface of SONAR. In this case, she/he has no permissions to submit documents and are not affiliated to any institution.

This list shows all user of the administrator's organisation and all users that are not yet affiliated to any organisation.

2. Affiliate an existing user to your institution

If the user already exists with no permissions (role "user", not linked to any organisation):

  1. Edit the user
  2. Change the role to "Submitter" (or other role)
  3. Check the other data and eventually complete it
  4. Save

The user is automatically affiliated to your institution.

3. Create a user from scratch

If the user does not exist (after having checked, see section 1):

  1. In the administration, click on "Users"
  2. Click on "Add"
  3. Choose the role "Submitter" (or other role)
  4. Check the other data and eventually complete it
  5. Save

­čôž The user will receive an e-mail with a link to reset his/her password and a summary of the permissions he/she has on the platform. For security reasons, the link expires after 30 minutes; when opening it after this delay, a new e-mail is sent to reset the password.